Friday, August 31, 2012


What, precisely, gives reality its significance? Does it come from its firm stake in the present tense, or its unfalteringly firm demand for attention to a deadline? We all know when we’re out of milk for our tea or coffee, we need either to go to the store or manhandle a cow or a goat.  Let’s not waste time on that.  The present is now, right? It is real, yes? It is over again and again now.  We try to capture living and being in the real moment through practice; whether by meditation, exercise, art, or the occasional adventure.  Ah, adventure: the unknown and the unplanned, by definition. It happens without expectation.  It lives and breathes without tenses.  It casts itself out like a net reminding you of dreams you almost forgot, or perhaps neglected a while ago.  Dreams are moments that may not be now, but are perhaps, less burdensome because they are not relegated to real time.  They are dreams.  They travel with you everywhere.  Even in your car on the way to buy milk.  Are you giving them enough space to live with you in all their tenses? Sometimes, it feels like there is a membrane between real time, so called reality, and our creative explorations.  Take time to mingle them.  Let them dance together.  You do not have to close yourself off from one to accept the other as REAL.